A Compendium to the Phosphoregulation of Mitosis

We are very excited to announce the publishing of "A Compendium to the Phosphoregulation of Mitosis" on the open access repository Zenodo. This compendium accompanies the 2017 publication in Cell and the interactive website. In the compendium, we have compiled all the text from the 88 popups in the online interactive visualization, with the aim of making this information more…


New Publication in Cell! The Phosphoregulation of Mitosis

We are incredibly excited to announce that our SnapShot is out today in Cell! This snapshot of mitosis collates hundreds of phosphorylation events and directly links them with their regulatory kinases and counterbalancing phosphatases, in both time and space, in a highly innovative 'circtanglar' cell layout. More importantly, the static PDF version is accompanied by an interactive website that enables users…

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Switching off Cancers Diversity

A defining feature in over 2/3rds of all solid tumours is the continual loss and gain of whole are small parts of chromosomes. This instability, or CIN for short, strongly implicated in tumour initiation, progression, chemoresistance and poor prognosis. CIN is created through failures during mitosis, whereby whole or parts of a chromosome are segregated incorrectly, thereby created daughter cells…


New Review Article Published!! “Mechanisms Regulating Phosphatase Specificity During Mitotic Exit”

Great News, we have a new review article that has just been published online today in Inside the Cell! Its Open Access, so that means its free for everyone to read! During mitotic exit, phosphatases reverse thousands of phosphorylation events in a specific temporal order to ensure that cell division occurs correctly. This review explores how the physicochemical properties of the…


New Paper Published! More data on the global phosphorylation changes during early mitotic exit

Great news, we have another publication. This time its some extra data left over from our large mass spectrometry study we published in August in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. This latest work we provide additional analysis of our large proteomics dataset and identify motifs that correlated strongly with phosphorylation status for each of the major mitotic kinases. These motifs could be used to predict…


Our Latest Publication Accepted and Now Online!

Great news our latest publication "Global phosphoproteomic mapping of early mitotic exit in human cells identifies novel substrate dephosphorylation motifs" has been accepted by the top Proteomics Journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. You can currently download the unformatted version for free here [link] And here is an still image from the paper showing live HeLa cells undergoing forced phosphatase dependent…

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We will be at the Sydney Light Optical Users Meeting on July 24th 2014

Great news, Cell Division Lab will be at the  Sydney Light Optical Users Meeting, hosted by Dr Pamela Young at Sydney University, this Thursday (24th of July). I will be presenting a short seminar on "Imaging and Analysing Cell Division". If you would like to attend please contact Pamela asap. Her details are below! Hope to see you there !


Cell Image of the Week – Mitotic Catastrophe

Here is one of the images that we took using a Leica SP8 confocal microscope this week in the lab. It is a 3D image of a HeLa cell that has completely stuffed up mitosis (undergone mitotic catastrophe). It has separated whole chromosomes randomly into 2 daughter cells instead of separating the two identical chromatids in two. https://vimeo.com/85484663 And here is…