I have over 20 years of experience in cancer cell biology and medical research, including 10
years running an independent research group (Cell Division Lab), and 3+ years as a microscope and flow
facility manager. I recently transitioned to Research Management, specialising in grant writing and research development.

I graduated with 1st class honours in 1998 and was awarded his PhD in 2004 from the University of Queensland. Upon completion of my PhD, I received a prestigious NHMRC CJ Martin Post-doctoral fellowship, and undertook Post-doctoral studies at the French National research centre (CNRS-CRBM) in Montpellier, France. In 2012, I returned to Australia and established my own independent research group at the Garvan Institute, Sydney. In 2017, I relocated my laboratory to the ANZAC Research Institute at the University of Sydney and took on the role as the Microscopy and Flow Cytometry Facility Manager. I stepped away from the role in 2021 and closed my research laboratory in 2022 to take up the Research Development Manager position at the University of Queensland Frazer Institute. The focus of my research career was uncovering how deregulation of cell proliferation drove cancer progression, drug resistance and metastasis. I published 74 research papers in leading journals including Cell, Science, PNAS, EMBO J, eLife, Oncogene, MCP and J Cell Sci, which have been cited over 5300 times and received F1000 recommendations, cover articles and editorial highlights. My research utilised a wide variety of techniques including cutting edge quantitative live and fixed microscopy, mass spectrometry and flow cytometry. I have also written multiple user guides, protocols, and YouTube video tutorials that have been widely shared and cited over the years. I also founded the Australian Cell Cycle Website

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