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Adding Figures/Images to Word Documents

Microsoft Word is an entity on to its own and does crazy stuff…no more so when you try and insert an image into a document, only for Word to compress it to a blurry mess and then proceed to randomly move it upon every keystroke. There are no-sure fire solutions to this, but below is way to help improve things.

Step 1: Turn off Image Compression!!!

  • Go to File>Options>Advanced tab>Scroll to Image Size and Quality.
  • Select All documents from the drop-down menu
  • Makes sure ‘Do not compress images in file’ is selected. Word does a terrible job and makes images look terrible.
  • Use PDF compression software at last stage to get to desired file size.
  • Press OK so save settings.


Turn of image compression in MS Word
Turn of Image compression in MS Word

Step 2: Use tables to stop Images Jumping around.

Using a table (2×1) will help with the dreaded random figure movement when you are constructing your proposal. It will also ensure your legend stays put with the figure!

  • Write out all your text first.
  • Insert a 2-cell table at the point in the text you want the figure
  • Insert your (high-quality) image in one of the cells
  • Use the second cell for the Figure legend
  • Select the table, right click, and go to Table Properties
  • Enable ‘text wrapping’ around the table
  • Click positioning button and unclick ‘move with text’
  • Move the table to where you want on the page.
  • Now you can keep working worry free, the table and legends should stay put!
Using a 1×2 Table for Images in Word
Adjusting Table Properties in MS Word