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S-Phase Snapshot

New Paper Snapshot: S-Phase Entry and Exit

We are very excited to announce that our latest SnapShot on S-Phase Entry and Exit has been accepted and published in Cell. We have also again made a fully interactive website for the snapshot which you can visit here:

Finally, we have also published all of the pop-up text in a Compendium, which you can access freely on Zenodo. In total there are over 270 citations and more than 80 events described in the snapshot and pop-up boxes.

We hope that this together with the Snapshot on Mitosis will proved a huge and useful resource to the research community.

S-phase entry and exit are regulated by hundreds of protein complexes that assemble “just in time,” orchestrated by a multitude of distinct events. To help understand their interplay, we have created a tailored visualization based on the Minardo layout, highlighting over 80 essential events. This complements our earlier visualization of M-phase, and both can be displayed together, giving a comprehensive overview of the events regulating the cell division cycle.